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Adding images and media

Roadkill allows you to upload images and other files which you can reference in your pages, or in the case of images, show on the page.

To upload files, click on the image button when adding or editing a page. This will display the file manager in a new dialogue which lets you upload new files and create folders. Deleting files is not currently supported in the file manager.

You can reference existing images by clicking on the image button, finding the image you want to show on the page and clicking the bottom right "select" button. This will display a small preview of the image first.

When you add an image, the markup will automatically be added to the content textbox for your page. You will probably need to tweak this for your needs, for details on the markup, see the help for each markup type via the question mark button

Linking to uploaded files

You can link to uploaded files by using "attachment:" followed by the full path to the file inside the link tag. This should include a slash at the start. For example in the Creole markup:

This is my Excel file: [[attachment:/Spreadsheets/Sheet1.xls|excel file]]

Atttachments folder

Files are uploaded to the folder you set in the installer, which you can also change as an admin under Site settings->configuration. This defaults to ~/Attachments - you should make sure this folder is not inside the App_Data or bin folders, as the images/uploads will not display in the browser as content cannot be served from these folders.

The upload folder will need read and write access by the application pool that Roadkill is running under. Usually you don't need to worry about this as the process will have write access by default.

The files you can upload are limited by their extensions, which is configurable through the admin site (Site settings->configuration). You may find that some file extensions will still return "403.1" errors - this is caused by the file extension having no mimetype mapping in IIS. If you map the file type then the file will then display correctly in the browser.

Web farms/garden support

The uploads in Roadkill are not currently synced across servers. Version 1.5 of Roadkill will allow you to use a shared folder for uploads, but for now you will need to manually copy and sync files between the multiple upload folders.

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