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Hosting on a web garden/web farm

Roadkill has a couple of issues that you should be aware of if you are hosting it in a web garden/farm (load balanced multi-server) environment.

Files uploads

As of Version 1.5, Roadkill supports attachment uploads to file paths outside of the web root directory - which can include UNC paths if needed. All files are served via a HttpHandler.


Roadkill uses the NHibernate second level cache for its caching strategy. This saves trips to the database and is important for text content for high traffic websites. By default Roadkill uses NHibernate hashtable cache, which is similar to ASP.NET's cache. This doesn't scale across web servers, so should be turned off if you are using multiple servers.

You can manually tweak the web.config to use a caching provider that scales across multiple servers, which requires some knowledge of NHibernate's configuration settings. Couchbase - - is a good free caching server that works across multiple servers, this can be configured to work with the Enyim memcached provider (Couchbase is memcacheD compatible) :

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