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Multi-language support

Roadkill supports multiple languages, also known as localization, but currently only contains an English (British/American) word and phrase set for the installer and site-wide labels/help. The validation bold is multi-lingual however.

Any help with translations to other languages would be a great help :it involves translating around 400 very basic words or short phrases in a text file - please contact us via Google groups (details on the main page) or issue tracker if you help.

By default the language is automatically taken from the server or machine you have installed Roadkill on. You can change this web.config by changing the culture:

<globalization uiCulture="auto" culture="auto" />

The uiCulture attribute should be a value from the "culture name" column from this page

Multi-language support for the pages you create will still remain a manual process. The engine has no way of switching languages, but it is possible to use tags to distinguish between page languages.

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