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Attachment Folder Issue


I am using load balancing so I need each of my wiki-servers to mount the same network folder as an attachment folder.

The Attachment folder is created as a virtual folder in IIS.

When I click on test I get a red message: something went wrong:syntax error

When I go to Manage files and upload a file - it ends up correctly on the network share - which is great!
In App_data folder I renamed the folders I created below Attachments so as to test if I am reading from the network or not... and apparently, I am not. So, when I upload a file, they end up correctly on the network but when I add a picture to a page, it finds the picture but does not render it on the page (weird). The network folder is wide open in terms of permissions for testing purposes.

Any thoughts as to how I can achieve my objective(s)
Thank you