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Markup types and parsers

Roadkill enables you to edit your Wiki in three different flavours of markup language:

It is recommended that you keep with Creole Wiki format as this is best supported by the platform. Only a subset of the Media Wiki features are supported, however the Markdown support is fairly comprehensive as it uses the same parser as the one used by Stackoverflow.

Unsafe HTML removal

Your text will have "unsafe" HTML removed from it when it's displayed (it's still saved however). This is done to protect your wiki site from XSS attacks such as embedding Javascript into the page. Roadkill removes the following HTML tags:
  • script
  • style
  • iframe
  • frameset
  • applet
  • any src/href with javascript
  • all Javascript attributes for tags, i.e. onclick, onblur

Object tags are supported, allowing people to embed flash movies or other plugins if needed.

Tags that aren't supported

There are several media wiki tags that aren't supported, notably macros and advanced table support.

Extra tags

The {TOC} tag is supported by Roadkill, which allows you to insert a table of contents anywhere in your page. The table of contents is generated from all the headings on the page, and automatically adds anchors to the page.

You can define your own custom tags to Roadkill by editing the AppData/Tokens.xml file. This XML file lets you define a tag to search for, and the HTML to replace it with. The file uses regular expressions to search and replace the page content for the tags your define.

Roadkill comes with two tags by default:

{'(alertbox:your text)'}
{'(warningbox:your text)'}

These display your text in a red and yellow box respectively. The XML also contains a section to enter some help text for the tag. Every token is displayed in the help dialog when you click on the "?" help button on the edit/create page along with this help text.

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