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Roadkill supports a fairly comprehensive theming framework that allows you to completely reskin your wiki if needed. The Roadkill installation comes with two themes:


This is the default theme with a black navigation bar across the top of the page. This theme and some roadkill UI elements in general has been designed for a page with a while background. The theme has a very small ego and has no Roadkill logo on the screen.

Media wiki

This theme emulates the website style you see with media wiki installations. It contains a navigation bar on the left side of the screen and the logo in the top left.

Creating a theme in 3 steps

1. Create the theme folder

The first step for theme creation is to create a new folder under the "Themes" folder. Name this folder with the name of your theme, without spaces.

2. Copy an existing theme across

It's easiest to get started by simply copying the "Theme.cshtml" and "Theme.css" files from the "Blackbar" theme folder to your new theme folder. This way you a skeleton to work with, and can just strip out the parts you don't want.

3. Edit the theme.css

Roadkill has a set of global CSS classes and IDs that you can use in your theme, which are listed below. Theme specific styles are declared inside the theme's "Theme.css" file. This includes font styles, heading styles, anchor styles and tag cloud styles.

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